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Due to Covid-19 meeting dates, times and location may vary from the traditional schedule.  Please see details of scheduled meetings below.  

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What's Up with Fall

Thurs Sept 9 2021

A lot is going on in our woodlands and our yards in the fall. Find out what makes for the idea fall foliage season, what happens to all those fallen leaves, why there are so many acorns one year and none the next, what garden plants have the best fall colors, and much more.

Presented by: Margery Winters,
Assistant Director of Roaring Brook Nature Center

Gardening with Natives

Thurs Oct 7 2021

Gardening with native plants can conserve water, provide habitats for wildlife, and protect natural ecosystem. This topic will introduce some basic concepts of landscaping with native plants and discuss a general guideline for native plant selection, design, implementation, and maintenance of sustainable gardens.

Presented by: Yonghao Li PhD Plant Pathologist

Pests in the Garden

Thurs Nov 11 2021

Botanist Judith Sumner will talk about Victory Gardens and their role in World War II. She will trace the Victory Gardens movement, including the Roosevelt White House garden, urban gardens, school gardens, food preservation, wartime nutrition, and ration book cookery.

Presented by: Rose Hicks, Diagnostician and Horticulturist

Holiday Lunch

CT's Historic Gardens

Thurs Feb 10 2021

Connecticut is home to many beautiful and unique gardens both public and private. Fifteen historic gardens dotted throughout the state have joined to form Connecticut’s Historic Gardens. These delightful places offer visitors an opportunity to explore a variety of garden styles and time periods. These delightful places offer visitors an opportunity to explore a variety of garden styles and time periods. Laurie will speak about each garden and share beautiful images of each of them.

Presented by: Laurie Masciandaro, Site Manager of Historic New England's Roseland Cottage

Victory Gardens - How a Nation of Gardens Helped Win A War

Thurs March 10 2021

She will discuss how the U.S. government encouraged housewives, families, employers, and schools to plant vegetable gardens during the war to reduce the use of needed plastics and metals. Due to food rationing and food shortages, Americans used these "victory gardens" or "liberty gardens" to grow their own tomatoes, watermelons, and other important produce. In addition to these gardens, cookbooks across the nation began printing recipes to teach people how to use these new vegetables and retain essential vitamins.

Presented by: Judith Sumner, Botanist and Author

Organize and Dig for the Plant Sale

Plant sale sign-up sheets will be circulated, and pertinent information will be given to the club members. With everyone participating in some way, our plant sale will be successful. Meeting held at Bethanne's Barn.

Plant Sale

June Meeting